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How to Increase Your Organic Search Traffic in 30 Days

By Nakia Corwin 2 years ago SEO

Any website, from an e-commerce store to a business blog, desires more organic search traffic. The more people that find your website on Google, the more opportunity you have to convert more leads, sa...

Top Paying AdSense Keywords

By Nakia Corwin 2 years ago Digital Marketing

If you are using AdSense placements on your site to monetize it, then it makes sense that you want the biggest payoff possible. Who wouldn’t? You need to be strategic about which niches you write in a...

Steps to Optimizing for Google Featured Snippets

By Nakia Corwin 2 years ago Digital Marketing

Featured snippets can help boost brand reputation and drive organic traffic. Learn how to optimize for them in this step-by-step guide.It’s no secret that featured snippets are powerful. Every SEO pro...